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When you have dental issues, you need to consult a 17th Avenue SW Dentist before the problem worsens. Moreover, it is essential to keep your dental well-being up to date. At West 17th Avenue Dental, it is our goal to deliver quality dental services and address any dental concerns our patient might have. We are a top 17th Avenue SW Calgary AB dental clinic that covers a wide range of dental services and procedures, from general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, tooth extraction to a dental implant, sedation dentistry, and more.


Some companies that offer Dental care in downtown Calgary offer only a few services, such as general dentistry, dental implants, or popular veneers procedures. But a truly talented dentist like West 17th Avenue Dental can skillfully and successfully perform almost any dental procedure, from whole mouth restorations and teeth whitening to veneers and dental implants.

At West 17th Avenue Dental, we do everything we can to make sure you get what you need. Besides, our hygienists and dentists offer oral health education to our patients, including brushing, flossing, and proper oral hygiene. Before we proceed with any service or treatment, we answer your questions and ensure you understand any risks associated with the dental procedure.


Kids are not the only ones who hate going to a dental clinic. It can be terrifying to get in the chair and have someone you don't know put scary-looking devices in your mouth. At West 17th Avenue Dental, we understand that every patient is unique, and that is why we provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere so that all our patients can feel comfortable and safe.


We offer the latest dental technology that allows us to provide the highest quality of dental care. For instance, we have intraoral cameras we use when performing most of our oral exams. With this camera, you essentially see what we see inside your mouth on the magnified on-screen - this also allows you to fully grasp your diagnosis. Some of the other devices we use include digital X-rays, tooth-colored fillings, and more.

How We Present Treatment

We are dentistry in Calgary AB that does not try to sell treatments and products you don't need. Our first step is to be conservative and do everything within our means to save your natural teeth. We also present options and discuss your needs with your budget in mind. Moreover, we'll work with you to improve your smile and make sure you get the best treatment for you.

We give our patients a comprehensive treatment plan that shows the treatment required for their needs and how much it will cost. If you are looking for a Dental office in Calgary for more information, contact us.

Top Level 17th Avenue Dental Care

As a leading Beltline dentist, we believe that your comfort comes first. We offer convenient hours for our patients, and we are always ready to have the best experience possible with you. Contact us today to find out more about 17th Avenue SW Dentist.

17th Avenue SW Dentist

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17th Avenue SW Dentist