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Oral Surgeon Louisville Ky

Oral Surgeon Louisville Ky

As we get older, our teeth begin to decay. Some people experience this phenomenon at a more accelerated rate than others. Of course, things like high-sugar diets, lack of adequate dental care, and poor oral hygiene will enhance the onset of tooth decay. Tooth decay, in all of its forms, is not an attractive look for anyone. More importantly, tooth decay is bad for your overall health.

All kinds of comprehensive studies have linked crooked teeth and tooth decay with serious health problems like heart disease. If you find yourself needing dental implants or other advanced dental procedures, such as oral surgery, you can find a qualified and affordable oral surgeon in Louisville KY at Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants. We can give you your long-lost smile back!

We Provide Emergency Oral Surgery

At Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we routinely treat oral trauma patients. We do everything from treating tumors to pathology and reconstruction. The work we do is very serious and often involves cutting or removing things from peoples faces and reconstructing them to make them look like they did before the surgery. We do it all!

We provide oral surgery that prepares the gums and jaws for dentures. We routinely perform dental implants. We do jaw surgery, which often involves breaking jaws and repositioning them. As you can see, what we do isn't always pretty, but it is much-needed, and somebody has to do it! There are a lot of different things we do as oral surgeons in Louisville KY, and our skill sets are rare. We're not just ordinary dentists. It takes a lot of additional schooling and training to be an oral surgeon.

Choose Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants for a Great Oral Surgeon in Louisville KY

Not every dentist would make a great oral surgeon. To be an oral surgeon, you must be very good with your hands. Because we provide such as wide range of oral surgery treatments, we deal with patients from all walks of life with all sorts of medical conditions. Therefore, it is vital that our staff loves working with people. This is why all of our dental technicians, assistants, and even our secretaries are kind, compassionate, and empathetic. We really want to help people.

As much as possible, when dealing with oral surgery patients, we strive to make them comfortable in our clinic. Aside from providing them with great oral surgeons to fix their critical problems, we promote patient education and awareness. This involves a lot of care and personal interaction. This involves taking the time to talk with our patients. But we don't just talk, we actually listen and take us much time as our patients need to address their important questions and concerns.

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At Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we work with most insurance providers, we offer monthly payment plans, we help our clients obtain financing, and we have very low prices when compared to other oral surgeons in Louisville KY. For a combination of superior dental workmanship, patient support, and low prices, there is no alternative for Louisville Oral Surgery and Dental Implants. Call us today to schedule an appointment and incorporate us into your emergency plans in case you ever need an emergency oral surgeon in Louisville KY.

Oral Surgeon Louisville Ky
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Oral Surgeon Louisville Ky
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Oral Surgeon Louisville Ky

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