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NW Calgary Dentist

NW Calgary Dentist

Sandstone Dental is a top-rated dental office that specializes in offering the best cosmetic dentistry, children's dentistry, and dental implants. Dr. Peter Manzer is a highly sought after NW Calgary Dentist. His 30 years of experience in dental care makes him a favorite among the locals.

Is it painful to have a crown put on your tooth?

No, it does not hurt to get a dental crown, since you will be getting local anesthesia., which will feel like an ant's bite. The anesthesia will numb your gums, making you feel nothing while the doctor works on your tooth. After the procedure, your tooth will be sensitive to hot and cold foods for 4 to 6 weeks. Your gums may also feel sore for a few days however rinsing your mouth with warm saline water can reduce the soreness.

You can always take painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or Tylenol to overcome the pain. If you are anxious about the procedure, talk to your dentist about it, and the expert will drive all your fears away. Our professional dentist will walk you through the process to clear your mind off anxiety and fear.

Tips to improve dental hygiene

Studies have now revealed that poor oral health relates to cardiovascular diseases, kidney diabetes, oral cancer, stomach ulcers, and many other health conditions. Some of the oral maintenance tips that you can follow to ensure healthy teeth and gums are:

  • Brush your teeth twice every day - Although this is a universally supported ritual, not many brush their tooth twice a day. Brushing at night removes the build-up of bacteria and plaque, which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease if neglected. Do not forget to floss every day as floss reaches the crevices that are inaccessible by the bristles of your brush.
  • Avoid sugar - Foods high in sugar and starch content leads to tooth decay. Sugar, when it mixes with saliva, promotes the growth of bacteria and forms an acid that slowly erodes the enamel of your teeth.
  • Use the right toothpaste - Use a toothpaste that contains Fluoride. Fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel and protects the tooth from decay.

Last but not least, do not ignore inflamed and bleeding gums. Consult our NW Calgary dentist for dental pains and concerns to ensure that it's nothing serious.

Who needs a dental crown?

A dental crown is a "cap" placed over the surface of a tooth to restore its structure. A dental crown also restores function and aesthetic appeal, and it's ideal for people with weak or decayed teeth. This device helps prevent further damage to your tooth while improving your dental functionality long-term.

Crowns are placed to offer support and protect a compromised tooth with the help of a large filling when the tooth's natural structure is no longer effective. Visit our highly skilled NW Calgary Dentist for dental crowns and other dental issues. Sandstone Dental accepts most insurance plans in Canada.

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NW Calgary Dentist

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