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Disposable Shatter Pen Canada

Disposable Shatter Pen Canada

In the world of cannabis, extracts are becoming increasingly popular. One of the trendiest nowadays is the shatter. This is a hard resin, which owes its name to the fact that it shatters like glass when broken. It is a BHO type resin, which can contain THC concentrations up to 80%, so it has become a favorite of many experienced smokers and some patients with chronic pain.

Although this is one of the easiest extracts to consume, it is not always that simple. In many cases, especially outside the home, it is difficult to break the glass to fill the pipes or “oil rigs.” Fortunately, today you have an excellent alternative: disposable shatter pens. It is essential that you know the product and the significant advantages of using it.

What Are Disposable Shatter Pens?

It is a pen-like device, totally compact. Inside the cylinder is the entire system needed to vaporize: the battery, the atomizer, and the other components that make the vape work. Unlike traditional vapes, the product cartridge has no oil, but rather a pulverized shatter. In this way, when the system is activated, the heat passes through the powder and generates the steam that produces the effects of the resin.

These are discreet and easy to use devices, as they do not require further handling or maintenance in the first place. Once the dust is gone, and the steam does not cause effect, you simply throw it away. It's very discreet, and that's what has made it so popular, both with experienced people who love the low profile and with newbies who aren't ready to buy more advanced vaping options. If you are interested in acquiring an extraordinary disposable shatter pen in Canada, Wholesale Bud Canada has exceptional options for you.

Which Are the Advantages of the Disposable Shatter Pens?

  • Cost: this is one of the most economical options on the market. Keep in mind that shatter is one of the most expensive BHO's. Also, a disposable pen is the cheapest vape on the market. Therefore, a disposable shatter pen is the best price/value option to enjoy a good puff of this crystal.
  • Simplicity: as these are not long term products, their designs are usually simple. This allows total discretion, as no one would notice that this is a shatter vaporizer device.
  • Convenience: using these disposable pens will prevent you from recharging your batteries, or having to shred the resin to be able to consume it. You only have to unpack your vape, and when you activate it, you will be enjoying an extraordinary high.
  • Eco-Friendly: the use of disposable shatter pens helps to preserve the environment. First of all, the heat and steam generated is the one that produces the least impact. Besides, many brands use recycled products for the manufacture of the devices, and others have recycling programs, which allow you to enjoy your shatter and also contribute to the planet.

Trust the Best!

If you are a fan of this resin and want to buy an excellent disposable shatter pen in Canada, you are in the ideal place. Wholesale Bud is the most extraordinary dispensary in the country, and we have the best of the best for you. Enjoy the best devices in the market, and one of our exceptional goodies, such as free shipping on purchases over $175. Sign up and start enjoying!

Disposable Shatter Pen Canada
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Disposable Shatter Pen Canada

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